Kane wants to leave Tottenham

Kane wants to leave Tottenham. He has long considered the idea of ​​taking that step after seeing that he has not won anything since his debut in 2014. Sky Sports reports that the English footballer has met with the club’s staff to communicate that his intention is to put a point and end to his story in the London box and leave this summer. A news that does not take by surprise Daniel levy, who has known for a long time that Kane he feels stuck at Tottenham.

Always according to information from Sky Sports, the club has begun to search the market to find a replacement for Kane in case it ends up dating this summer. The two Manchester teams, City and United, and also Chelsea have recently got in touch with the 10’s environment, who have grown tired of waiting. Tottenham does not offer them the perspectives that other teams give them, much more prepared to achieve great goals.

The club, however, refers to the fact that it has to finish the season first: “Our focus is on finishing in the best way. That is what anyone has to be focused on ”. The League Cup final against City was a kind of ultimatum of Kane. Winning it would have served to renew the confidence of a footballer destined to play in the elite. It did not happen. He ends his contract in June 2024, but he has already taken the first step to force his exit. Now it’s time to negotiate with the president.