‘Kane must go to Real Madrid to reach the level of Messi and Cristiano’

Jonathan Woodgate, A former Tottenham and Real Madrid player, he has spoken about the future of Kane, Tottenham striker who is sounding for other teams, including Real Madrid. Woodgate is very clear that the best destination for Kanes is the white team.

“If Real Madrid comes for you, Harry kane, has to go, “he said to the Astro Stadium Woodgate. “If you want to win trophies and go up to the next level, the Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and that type of player has to go, “he said, adding that” I don’t see him winning the league at Spurs, not this season and not in the next, they have a lot of work to do to reach the same level as Liverpool and Manchester City. For me, if Kane wants to win the European Cup, he has the opportunity to win it at Real Madrid ”.

Woodgate believe that the game of Kane “It has improved over the years. He is an incredible number 9, but with the assists he has given this season, he can play 10. He is an exceptional footballer because of his passing and his overall game on his back. Sometimes he reminds me of Teddy Sheringham when he reaches those areas as a 10, “he said to sentence that” for me, he is the best striker in the Premier League.