Kane gets within shot of Real Madrid

The future of Harry
Kane seems to be far from Tottenham. The English forward has already revealed to the club that, if the team fails to get into Champions next season, he will look for a destination where he can play the top club competition.

However, the president of the Tottenham, Daniel
Levy, known for his toughness when negotiating, prevents him, he claims The Athletic, to go to any club that plays in the Premier. So your options are narrowed.

In this way both the PSG As the Real
Madrid for the one who has sounded so often. The merengue club, immersed in the possible signing of Mbappe or Haaland It does not have English as the first option but the truth is that, in case of complicating the previous two, Harry
Kane would come to the fore in which he would arrive in Madrid to cover the lack of goal that the team has been blaming since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo.