Kamala Harris, outraged by her cover for a famous magazine

Next January 20 Kamala harris will become the first female vice president in the history of the United States, under the leadership of future President Joe Biden. Harris is the most popular woman of the moment and the famous magazine Vogue he wanted it to be on the cover of the February issue.

A decision that symbolizes the empowering nature of the publication, but which has not been without controversy. The cover was leaked a day ago and the magazine decided to officially show it on its account Instagram.

The vice president-elect appears in it with a most informal ‘look’, with skinny pants, a blazer, a basic white T-shirt and Chuck Taylors sneakers from the Converse brand.

An ‘outfit’ that has been criticized on social networks for not living up to the high position that Harris is about to assume. But that is not the only detail that has made Internet users angry: the Democrat appears with her face a lighter skin tone than usual, cleared with Photoshop.

The outrage of Kamala Harris

Despite not having commented on the matter, the British newspaper Daily Mail has published a story stating that Kamala Harris is not at all happy with her Vogue cover.

According to the Informalia portal, a source in this publication – from Anna Wintour’s magazine – assures that “The vice-president-elect Kamala Harris is ‘extremely disappointed’ with her Vogue magazine cover that has been harshly criticized, but she still hopes it will serve as a sign that ‘dreams can be achieved.’

This source also says that Harris is “tremendously disappointed with the choice of the cover, even though her own team chose the costumes” and that “He hopes that the reaction around the image does not completely take away the historical moment.”

The Daily Mail also reveals that Harris and his team selected another photo for the cover, in which the vice president-elect appears wearing a sky blue suit. Image that has also been published on the magazine’s Instagram profile.