Juventus takes the step with Álvaro Morata

The Atlético de Madrid
did not have Alvaro Morata in his planning for the 21/22 season. It was taken for granted that he would remain at Juventus after his great season in Italy. However, there was a certain margin of uncertainty for several reasons.

First because the ‘Vecchia Signora’Was about to be left out of the next Champions League. Second, because the economic crisis has had such a strong impact on the Turin team that even the continuity of Christian
Ronaldo, with which other neighboring operations were in serious danger.

Among the other operations was his own Alvaro
Morata, whose future was pending of all these situations. The Madrid striker was clear that he wanted to continue in Italy, where he is fully happy personally and sportingly. His wife is Venetian and he is fully adapted to life in the transalpine country, of which he is in love.

The only thing missing was that Juventus take the step. And the step will be taken this week, predictably, according to the journalist Fabrizio
Roman, the Italian club will extend the loan for one more season.

Juventus could extend the transfer of the Atlético de Madrid paying 10 million for the 21-22 season, or a direct purchase from the footballer is for 45 million, something he will not do. It will be at the end of the coming season when it has to carry out this purchase for 35 million euros.

A circumstance that further clarifies the situation also of the Athletic, who already knows that they will not return the Madrilenian and that he will have to go out and look for a ‘9’ that complements Luis Suarez.


The return to the bench of the Juventus from Massimiliano
, who already managed the Madrilenian a few seasons ago, has been key for the Italian team to speed up the operation. Morata’s numbers leave little room for doubt this season. No less than 20 goals 12 assists in 44 games with the transalpine team in the just concluded season. A total of 2,823 minutes. And 31 games as a starter.

Alvaro you grow a lot. Decide on tight matches. We went to the end of the Champions in 2015 because it marked the Real Madrid and he also scored in the final. He’s deadly in long runs, “said Allegri, who has never hidden his great admiration for the Spanish striker.