Juventus, Milan and Inter want to continue playing Serie A

Juventus, Milan and Inter assured this Monday in a meeting with the Serie A League that they plan to continue playing the championship, in addition to participating as founding clubs in the European Super League, according to Italian media.

They did so in a telematic meeting with the Serie A League in which the creation of the European Super League and the possible sanctions faced by the clubs that participate in the new competition announced late this Sunday were discussed.

Juventus, Milan and Inter are among the group of twelve clubs that announced the creation of a new competition, the Super League, in which up to 20 teams would participate from next August, with matches during the week to respect national competitions.

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) published a statement in which it promised to support UEFA and FIFA, which threatened to exclude clubs and players competing in the Super League from their competitions.

Harsh criticism from the Torino president

At the end of the Serie A assembly, Torino president Urbano Cairo lashed out hard at Inter CEO Giuseppe Marotta and Juventus president Andrea Agnelli, who, in his opinion, “should be ashamed.”

“It is an attack on the health of an association like the Serie A League. If a person like Marotta, Inter’s CEO, does something of this kind, he must immediately resign from his position as league representative at FIGC and must be embarrassed, “Cairo said.

“The project will not work, but those who have thought about it are betraying Serie A and should be ashamed. The same goes for Agnelli,” concluded the Torino president.