Juventus, for Haaland but in 2022

Except surprise, Erling haaland will continue in the Borussia Dortmund this season. The Norwegian footballer does not lack suitors, but in the offices of the Signal Iduna Park They are not for the work of listening to offers as they have reiterated on more than one occasion. It so happens that Haaland you do not have a termination clause right now whereby you can leave the Dortmund without the approval of the German team, but that will change in the summer of 2022, when it will come into force that for 75 million euros it can leave without the Dortmund can avoid it. And Juventus plans to sign him then to fill the gap that he will foreseeably leave then Cristiano Ronaldo.

According to ‘La Reppublica’, that is the roadmap to be followed by ‘Vecchia Signora’, which does not state that Christian He is going to leave this summer but he does assume that he will do so in 2022, when the contract ends (and he will already be 37 years old). It would be then that the ‘bianconero’ painting would be launched Haaland, and the 75 ‘kilos’ that their freedom will cost then do not seem like an impediment. Yes it could be the fact that Juventus will not be the only team in line to take over the services of the Norwegian striker, but within the Turin team they trust that the good relations they maintain with Mino Raiola, representative of Haaland, help to wear black and white and not other colors.

However, it remains to be seen how the new stage of Massimiliano Allegri as a Juventus coach. Last year, by the hand of Andrea Pirlo, the ‘Vecchia Signora’ was close to being left out of the Champions League, and if this season does not return to the path of fighting for the title, maybe that hypothetical arrival of Haaland become hopelessly complicated. The Norwegian will hardly go to a team that does not aspire to win everything.