Juventus fans threaten Pirlo’s son with death

Nicoló Pirlo, 17-year-old son of Andrea Pirlo, current Juventus coach, posted on social networks death threats received by critics of his father and the Juventine club, lamenting the fact that “the limit has been exceeded.”

“You and your father have to die”, is the text of a message received by Nicoló Pirlo, who shared it, with a screenshot, on his Instagram account. This is just one of many messages the technician’s son Juventus receives daily from social media users critical of his father’s performance.

“I am not a person who judges, I do not like to do it. Everyone has the right to say what they want, I am the first to do it and I would not like someone to take away my freedom to speak. My parents taught me to have ideas and to listen to those of others. But everything has a limit ”, wrote the young man.

“We have crossed this limit for a long time. I am 17 years old and I receive messages of this type every day. I do not receive them because I do something particular, but because I am the son of a coach who perhaps, as it can be, some people do not like ” Nicoló.

The young man, born in 2003, when Andrea Pirlo He was a Milan player, he did not express anger, but asked for more empathy. “(Being the son of a coach) would be my fault and the reason why I receive messages every day with death threats and various insults. I would like you to put yourself in my position for a second and think about how you would feel, “he concluded.