Justin Thomas collapses at this question from a journalist: ‘Why are you doing this to me?’

The victory of Justin Thomas at The Players tournament it has left a residue of controversy and indignation in its wake. And it is that when the player was interviewed after his brilliant victory in the considered fifth great of the season, there has been a detail that his followers did not like at all

The interviewer asked the golfer about his grandfather, the former golfer Paul Thomas, who passed away a few weeks ago. How much part of him was there with you today? Golf Channel.

Response from Justin thomas Through tears was the following: “Yes, a large part. I wish I could talk to him, but I know he’s watching me. “

Thomas was very excited by the question and had to live a really uncomfortable and sad episode, in which he could not hold back the tears. That is why at the end of the interview, he asked the journalist in question why he had brought up such a sensitive topic: “Why are you doing something like this to me?”

The subject, logically, has raised blisters among his fans. The video that can be seen on social networks has generated a wide debate about whether it was correct or not for the journalist to raise this issue and in fact there have been several media that have decided to cut that final part of the interview, trying to hide the discomfort of the golfer for the question about his deceased grandfather.

The American Golfer Justin thomas champion of the The Players, one of the most prestigious tournaments on the world circuit, unseating, on the other hand, to the Spanish Jon Rahm of the second place in the world ranking. This PGA Tour title is the fourteenth of his professional career and has earned him a prize of more than two million euros.