Julia Otero reappears in her fight against cancer with an emotional message

In mid-February, Julia Otero
shared with his listeners in ‘Julia en onda’ that he has cancer. The journalist then announced that the disease forced her to be apart the microphones for a while to undergo a treatment oncological. Since then, he has taken refuge in his family and loved ones, who have become his great support.

But the journalist has also received during these weeks lots of displays of affection from well-known personalities and listeners. Until now, Otero had stayed away from the media and social networks to focus on her treatment. However, in the face of so many signs of support, the journalist has reappeared this Thursday on her social networks to send a thank you message.

Julia Otero: “Thanks for pushing, everything is fine”

“Hello! It is not easy to find words that express the gratitude that I feel for all the affection that I have received these weeks. Public, anonymous, listeners, friends, colleagues … Thank you all for pushing”Otero wrote in a tweet that ended with a reassuring message. “Everything is going well”, He assured at the end.

When she announced, live, that she was suffering from cancer, Julia Otero broadcast a message of strength to the listeners. “The word cancer is scary but I have been learning to pronounce it in the first person for six days. It is not easy but there we are. You have to call things by their name, because I am applying the story“Said the journalist at the time, who showed her courage to face this situation for which she has the support of a multitude of people.

Archive image. Julia Otero at the 2018 Ondas Awards.