Julia Otero announces live that she has cancer

The journalist Julia Otero, host of ‘Julia en la onda’, of Onda Cero, has announced in her radio program that she has cancer. The presenter will be away from the microphones for the next few weeks to undergo cancer treatment.

He confirmed it at the beginning of ‘Julia en la onda’

At the beginning of its broadcast on Monday, the Galician has reported that “last Tuesday in a routine control, the kind that we all have to do when it comes time, came the surprise. In a little corner a few inches of selfish cells appeared, as Dr. López Otín calls them ”.

Although he has not given more details about the type of cancer he suffers, he has not hesitated to assure that is a word “scary” and that he has been “learning to pronounce it for six days. It is not easy, but there we are. The number of times you have heard me say on the radio that things have to be called by their names, because I am applying the story these days ”.

Julia Otero received the 2013 Ondas Award for the most outstanding career

Julia Otero will put radio aside for a few weeks

The communicator herself has explained that will be off the radio for the next few weeks to undergo cancer treatment, although he has made it clear that “between chemo and chemo I’ll take a tour of the radio.”

After that, he wanted to thank the expressions of affection received by his team: “To the girls and boys of JELO. East is an extraordinary team in every way. Professionally they are very good, but their strength is the human category. I do not want to forget my bosses from Onda Cero and Atresmedia, because there is not a day that I do not receive from them a dose of pampering and positive thoughts ”.