Judicial victory for Julio Iglesias: the Supreme Court rejects Javier Santos’ paternity appeal

Judicial victory for Julio Iglesias. The Supreme Court has rejected the appeal presented by the Valencian’s lawyer Javier Santos (43 years) for the inadmissibility of his paternity case against the singer Julio Iglesias (77) by the Civil Chamber of this same court, which considers that the matter is “res judicata”.

The legal representative of the alleged son of Iglesias, the Sevillian lawyer Fernando Osun
to, has confirmed that he was waiting for this resolution and that he already has “everything ready to go to the Constitutional Court and to Strasbourg”, if necessary, because “Justice and procedural issues cannot contradict scientific truth.”

Saints said to be the result of a relationship between the dancer Maria Edite
Saints and the most international Spanish interpreter in the summer of 1975. The Supreme Court does not enter into questions of DNA, evidence or affiliations. Take hold of a procedural issue to shelve the matter.

As stated in the order of inadmissibility of the aforementioned appeal, the prosecutor also interested in the inadmissibility of the same. In the opinion of the Chamber, the appeal “actually raises a procedural issue unrelated to the cassation appeal, with lack of justification of the appeal in the resolution of the appeal and nonexistence of the same that cannot deal with procedural issues.

The matter already received a file from the Valencia Court just a year ago. In May 2020, the court noted that the paternity claim filed by the Valencian against the singer was “res judicata”, because years before two courts had already ruled on the matter. The court of first instance number 13 of Valencia had initially agreed with Javier Sánchez, but the Supreme Court now confirms the ruling of the Court that rejected it.