Juan Francisco, a diver from the Civil Guard and the hero who saved a baby from drowning in Ceuta

His name is Juan Francisco, an agent of the Special Group of Underwater Activities of the Civil Guard (GEAS) stationed in Ceuta, and saved a baby who had fallen into the water from drowning during the day this Tuesday. The rescued baby, barely two months old, is in good condition.

The image of this hero, about whom no further information has emerged, at the El Tarajal beach spike has been disseminated by the security body itself on its Twitter account, where the Civil Guard has wanted to recognize the work of the troops in the area before the massive arrival of migrants from Morocco.

“Civil Guards of GEAS and ARS save the lives of dozens of minors who arrived in Ceuta by sea with their families“Reads the message that the security body has shared on their social networks next to the photos:” Very large, “concludes the tweet.

In the pictures Two other officers can also be seen rescuing two little girls from the rocksOne of them helped by a Red Cross volunteer, who is also participating in the rescue efforts of many of these people who are arriving by sea to the Ceuti coast on its border with Morocco.

In the last 24 hours Spain has broken the record of arrival of immigrants in a single day from Morocco, with some 8,000 people swimming across the border, according to Interior, which has confirmed that there have also been around 4,000 returns. Meanwhile, NGOs denounce human rights violations. Most of these migrants are minors.