Juan del Val uncovers in ‘Save me’ the conflict between Nuria Roca and María Teresa Campos

Nuria Roca and María Teresa Campos had them in the past. And this is not an unsubstantiated rumor, but information from a first-hand witness.

Is about Juan del Val, husband of the Valencian journalist, who this Tuesday He came as a guest to ‘Save me’To promote his new book, entitled ‘Delparaíso’.

There, Jorge Javier Vázquez took the opportunity to ask him about different current affairs from the world of communication and the pink press, and the writer did not hold his tongue when talking about the Campos.

María Teresa Campos is the history of television. He is in a special place, because he has done very important things on television. But it is true that, on a personal level, for everything that has touched me indirectly, I do not have a good opinion of her. But I think that professionally and as a communicator she is in a very important place ”, Del Val explained to the surprise of JJ, who asked her why she did not have a good opinion of the matriarch of the Campos clan.

Professional, I have an extraordinary opinion, I insist. Personal, I don’t know her, but Nuria Roca, my wife, worked with her. And to define it in an elegant way, let’s say it was not a good experience. I was not there, but that experience was not good. He did not have a good time and I, out of solidarity, obviously, neither. It has not done anything to me, but to a person so close it has, ”he revealed.

The quarrels between María Teresa Campos and Nuria Roca date back to the end of 2000, when the then ‘queen of the mornings’ took over as director of the ‘Good afternoon’ program., with which Telecinco hoped to compete with Ana Rosa Quintana and her ‘Sabor a ti’, who led the audiences in the afternoons.

The presenter of the space was Nuria Roca and, from what we know now, things did not go well between the two, as Nor for the program, which was canceled due to low audience in mid-2001.