Jovic still does not silence critical voices

While Luka
Jovic he alone cannot bear the blame for the very discreet party of the Real
Madrid before him BetisIt is true that the Serbian, once again, missed a golden opportunity to silence all the criticism that is looking for a way out for him.

A young striker like him, with the resume he has and with the potential he announces, is called for goals. Or at least occasions. But it is that neither one nor the other knew how to achieve before him Betis and, far from being close to achieving it, its icy character does not show that it is on the way to reverse the situation.

Is a repeat offender

But the worst for him Real
Madrid It is not that yesterday Jovic did not manage to tip the balance for his own, the worst thing is that it is not, far from it, the first time that he is far from being the MVP of any game he disputes.

And this is a trend that, in this second year in the workforce, was expected to be resolved in some way. It is true that this has many laps left but the fans are already losing faith in the boy.

Little help

In his favor, yes, he excuses him that his teammates did not supply him with balls either. Neither easy nor difficult. And so, for a player with a finishing soul such as the Serbian, it is very difficult to put something of profit in his mouth.