Joselu: ‘Saturday’s game is a final’

The player of the Deportivo Alavés Joselu Mato rated the match as this Saturday against Osasuna as “a final“Because he is a direct rival and he said that they are psyched up to face the Navarrese.

He acknowledged at a press conference that the latest defeats against FC Barcelona and Real Sociedad have done them “a lot of damage”, although he clarified that this is not their league.

He added that they made many mistakes in those games and must correct them, while having to keep the good to face “A complicated and disputed match”.

“If we think about playing against other rivals that we have ahead, we are going to make mistakes,” warned the Galician, who is under pressure due to the situation the team is experiencing. “We have not touched the relegation places since I arrived,” he recalled.

Last season Joselu Mato formed with Lucas Pérez one of the most fearsome couples in the championship, but this year they are not coinciding so much on the pitch. “I train to be well and the coach makes decisions that we have to accept,” said the player, ready to focus on his own, like the rest of his teammates.

“Lucas gives us things that nobody can give us and we need him 100% because whenever he is in the field he adds, “said the scorer babazorro, who explained that when he plays alongside him” everything is much easier “, as they have already shown.

Nevertheless, does not think that the permanence of Alavés passes through both forwards. “We are a staff of 25 and a coaching staff and it is everyone’s credit,” he replied.

Joselu is characterized by fighting a lot with rivals to win the balls, causing him to get beaten out of matches. “I have been with a cheekbone injury for four days and I have a black eye,” the player showed to denounce that “90% of the actions are foul,” although he admitted that he tries to take advantage of his body.

“It is a job that I have to take on, but it doesn’t influence me in which I have to protest even when I get home and I have to get into a bath of cold water because I end up burst, “he added.

He acknowledged that he no longer remembered the penalty he missed against Sevilla and said that if he had had to shoot another in the same game, he would have done it.