José Gomes communicates that he has been dismissed: ‘I don’t think it’s good’

Gomes, until this Tuesday morning coach of the Almeria, has communicated in statements to ‘The
Almeria’That the club has removed him from his duties as a first-team coach.

“I’ll keep hoping things go well”

The Portuguese coach, who was on the tightrope due to the bad streak of the Almeria In the last matches, he wanted to thank the fans of Almería for the affection they have shown him and has been against the decision: “Thank you for all the affection you have given me. I have always been very well treated. I have always been in body and soul. No one can have any doubts about the intensity and dedication that I have had. I have always felt it as if it were my club and I carry it in my heart. I have done 85% of the season and I will continue hoping that things go well, “he said.

“I will be one more from Almeria forever. It does not seem right to me, we are third, second in goals in favor … We have developed young people who are at a level that they were not before, we are little by little with more maturity, stronger match by match and prepared for what is coming now . With all the mistakes that everyone has had, me too … There are six games left and we are six points away, ”concluded a disgruntled Gomes.

Djukic and Rubi sound

Djukic and Joan Francesc Ferrer Sicilia ‘Ruby‘Are the two names he is shuffling Turki Al-Sheikh for this final stretch of the season.