José el Francés, released after his arrest for alleged mistreatment

The singer José el Francés, arrested this Sunday in Marbella after his ex-partner denounced him for an alleged assault, has been released without precautionary measures this Monday after he and the complainant testified in court, according to judicial sources.

The judge has made her decision after carrying out a series of proceedings, including both statements, and after that, the Prosecutor’s Office has requested the provisional dismissal of the proceedings initiated for the crimes of ill-treatment and coercion in the absence of evidence, a request to which both the private prosecution and the defense have adhered.

Regarding the minor offense of insults attributed to the artist, the Marbella Court of Violence against Women has held an immediate trial against him after which the judge has issued a final acquittal “in voce” for that crime as no accusation has been exercised, not even for the private prosecution or by the public prosecutor.

The singer was at his former partner’s house when the events that led to his arrest occurred.