José Antonio, Gloria Mohedano’s husband: ‘We don’t want anything with Rocío Carrasco’

Jose Antonio, husband of Gloria Mohedanor, he has starred in some controversial statements for the microphones of ‘Socialité’. Brother-in-law of Rocío Jurado He has confessed what he really thinks after watching the broadcast of the last episode of ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive ’.

“We do not want anything because many red lines have been crossed and in life you have to have some principles. Rocio Carrasco she has forgotten those principles and has crossed the lines as a mother and as a daughter ”, she started.

David and Rocío Flores at the tribute to Rocío Jurado on Saturday in Chipiona.

On the other hand, Jose Antonio he has insisted that “in life you cannot go with hatred, because that hatred ends up eating you and hurts you.” “She said that you have to lose fear and she has lost it, but hate also has to lose it. As long as he does not lose his hatred, he will not be happy in life ”, he added.

“At the time he did not tell anyone. Then the fault is hers. I don’t believe her because I know her, that’s the reason and I know her children and her husband. You admit that she says her daughter’s tears are not true. If she does not believe her daughter’s tears, I do not believe hers ”, he has sentenced.