José Antonio Avilés uncovers the reason why Rocío Flores has a mania for Alejandra Rubio

Kiko Jimenez revealed during his interview in ‘Saturday DeluxeWhat to Dew Flowers it bothered him to see his mother Rocio Carrasco spending time with Alejandra Rubio. The next day, the daughter of Terelu Campos He had no problems responding to the Andalusian’s statements in “Viva la vida.”

“It doesn’t have to bother you. I don’t understand why it bothers you. I am not her daughter nor am I a relative of her. What happens is that for me she is like my aunt but she does not have to compete with me for that, “he said.

Next, the young woman remembered the only time she agreed with flowers in person. “I don’t have any problem with her and I don’t think she has any problem with me either. So it surprises me that Kiko say that. When I grew up I have seen him once and he was super polite, ”she insisted.

Jose Antonio Aviles He then claimed to know what happens to the granddaughter of the jury with Alexandra. “What I’m going to tell is a bomb. There is something to Dew Flowers He has a lot of affection and attachment that he has Alejandra Rubio. You know it’s true. Rocio Carrasco made a gift to Alejandra Rubio what Dew Flowers would like to have. It is a medal of the Virgin of Regla that belonged to Rocío Jurado”, He explained.

The television collaborator did not take long to deny everything. “Now he’s going to get me in trouble if he doesn’t. I don’t know why he knows that. He tells me that this thing tells him Dew Flowers on ‘Survivors‘. I don’t believe it because if that were true it would have come out, I say ”, he sentenced.