Jorge Prado breaks his right clavicle after suffering a fall training

Jorge Prado, world champion of motocroos in 2018 and 2019, fractured his right clavicle while training on the circuit Honda Park of Belgium and will undergo surgery this Tuesday, as reported through an official statement.

Prado lost control of his KTM 450 In a fast corner, he got out on top of his motorcycle and hit the ground.

The Spanish pilot was injured again after recovering from a femur fracture he suffered last December.

The Galician motorcyclist passed the confinement due to the coronavirus at his home in Lommel (Belgium) and since two weeks ago he had started training with the motorcycle after an intense physical preparation in which he strengthened his leg damaged by the fracture.

According to the aforementioned statement, Prado was “very encouraged” to regain his form and wanted to resume the world championship in August.

The accident occurred on the third lap of training, when he had just started his session with another twenty World Cup riders who were on the same track preparing on sandy ground.

After a first examination and X-rays, a fracture in the right clavicle was detected “apparently quite clean”, and the doctors considered intervening Prado on the same afternoon of the accident.