Jorge Martín, operated and thinking about his return to Mugello

Like a phoenix awaits Jorge Martin regenerate from its ashes. That is his state of mind as the rookie of the Pramac Ducati after going through the operating room this Wednesday after a complicated operation that three medical teams performed on the same operating table.

“The 3 operations have been perfect. Thanks to doctors Mir, Jimeno, Campillo, Monllau and their teams. The countdown begins! “,” Martinator “posted on his networks. The worst is over and now he only has one goal which is to return to the World Cup in Mugello, as he has commented on his social networks.

This Thursday he has already had a good face by one day ahead of the celebration of Sant Jordi and giving two bouquets of red roses to the two women in his life, his mother Susana and his partner Anabel from the bed of the Dexeus University Hospital.

Eight were the fractures that were detected in the San Sebastián de los Reyes rider as a result of the fall six minutes from the end of the MotoGP FP3 of the last Portuguese Grand Prix. The loss of consciousness due to the initial blow to the head made her unable to arm her body for the fall, and the uncontrolled tumble was where the many fractures occurred, three bones of the right hand, one finger of the hand. left, two bones of the knee and two of the foot.

In s interventions this Wednesday he had surgery on the navicular and thumb of his right hand, the tibial plateau of the left knee and the tibial malleolus of the right ankle. They took advantage of the operation to graft the calcaneus of his right foot and correct a 2017 fracture that did not heal well. They did not operate, but they did reduce the fractures in the pyramidal bone of his right hand and in the left little finger and the head of the femur in his left leg. The beginning of rehabilitation will be slowed down by having hands and legs immobilized.

This is how he recalled the accident last Saturday: “Turn seven is the first on the right when you come out of the box. I went flying and when I fell with my head I was unconscious, and that was when I began to spin in the gravel, and hence the break of the seven bones ”.

And on his return he was already very clear about the deadlines: “Jerez impossible, Le Mans surely impossible too, my goal is set at Mugello. In a month or a month and a half my goal is to return ”, he warned. In sherry he will cover his loss in Tito Rabat.