Jorge Javier Vázquez’s reaction after Alexia Rivas’ comment: ‘Tell me this …’

Alexia Rivas became, on May 13, the third expelled from this edition of ‘Survivors‘. The reporter failed to convince the audience and said goodbye to the program just a month after arriving in Honduras.

After that, and as with all those expelled, Alexia Rivas has been present in all the galas of the contest. From the set, the former participant comments on everything that has to do with her colleagues who continue to fight to win the winner’s briefcase.

This past Thursday, Alexia Rivas He went to the Mediaset set coinciding with Marta López and Antonio Canales. The presenter addressed the latter and assured him that “for certain people we are old”, then he turned around and, looking at Alexia, asked him “Marta and I, what are we to you?”.

Alexia Rivas

“About age? Already a little older. Well, you are younger than my parents ”, pronounced the young woman. “How old do you think he is Martha? ”, The presenter questioned them. “Forty-eight,” Alexia answered quite rightly, only missing a year. “But it is true that she could be my daughter,” Marta pointed out.

In addition, neither short nor lazy, Rivas did not hesitate to say that he believed that Jorge Javier He is 55: “Fifty-five? !!!”, expressed Jorge. “Sight Lara… what was your name? Sight Alexia… the paste that he left on my face and on my body that you tell me that I am 55 ”, he ended up saying.