Jorge Javier Vázquez’s ‘pullita’ for Rocío Flores: ‘If she comes, I won’t come’

Since I started ‘Survivors 2021‘, Just after the broadcast of the first episodes of the documentary’ Rocío: tell the truth to stay alive ‘, Rocío Flores and Jorge Javier Vázquez They have not met on a television set and last night the presenter did not hesitate to make a joke about it with Bethlehem Rodriguez.

“What we know of Olga Moreno is that she is the mother of Spain, on Mother’s Day with cameras for her is Jauja, God has come to her ”, transmitted the collaborator. “I do not want to give you any displeasure but tomorrow in no man’s land you are going to see a very long video in which Olga He talks about his children. From Lola and their children ”, added the Catalan.

Rocío Flores on the set of ‘No Man’s Land’.

“Tomorrow comes Dew Flowers? ”Jorge Javier asked the management. Upon receiving a positive response, he joked with Bethlehem Rodriguez: “Then neither you nor I come.” “I still haven’t enjoyed the girl since‘ Survivors ’started, let’s see if a Saturday goes by … Oh, a Saturday! Well yes, at Deluxe”, He pointed.

In ‘Save me’, Jorge Javier I can’t help but give his opinion on the supposed veto that Dew Flowers had put the gathering. “It seems very serious to me that a person like Bethlehem Rodriguez who works with realities, which for her is an important source of income and that it is money she had, they call her out overnight… ”, he declared.