Jorge Javier Vázquez’s proposal that left Tom Brusse speechless: ‘I’m willing to …’

Survivors’He experienced another expulsion on Thursday. The three nominees were debating whether to continue for another week or to end their adventure in Honduras forever. However, and despite the fact that they were Alejandro Albala, Lara and Lola those who were in the fore, it was tom brusse the one that took center stage for a while.

TomWhat am I to you? ”, I asked him directly Jorge Javier Vazquez, presenter of the reality. “I don’t like these questions. I prefer to tell you in private … ”, replied the contestant, who has been single for a few weeks since Sandra Pica He decided to end the relationship he had with the Moroccan.

Tom Brusse receives the call from Sandra Pica and she leaves him live.

It was then that the presenter of Mediaset I explained that “I’m going to tell you something. I was going to tell you in the nominations area, but I’m going to do it here, in front of all of Spain. If you are willing, I am willing for us to meet ”, a proposal that left the former contestant of‘The Island of Temptations‘.

“But if we already know each other … We have known each other for a year or more and we have not had a dinner or anything,” he only dared to answer, throwing balls out. “You were with Sandra,” he told her, ending the conversation and leaving this proposal up in the air.