Jorge Javier Vázquez reveals the origin of the tensions with Isabel Gemio: ‘He got very angry’

Isabel Gemio has starred in many headlines these days as a result of a controversial interview he conducted with Maria Teresa Campos for your program ‘Talks with soul‘from his YouTube channel. In the meeting, authentic moments of tension and, in fact, it even ended with a sharp “I’m tired, I don’t come to do therapy; I come to do an interview
to”By María Teresa. No wonder Gemio received a multitude of critics, especially from the environment of the veteran presenter.

As expected, the interview has been widely commented on television sets and this Monday in ‘Save me‘have recalled the conflict that Gemio had with the chain and, specifically, with Jorge Javier Vazquez. It was the presenter himself who spoke about the tensions he experienced with the host of ‘Surprise surprise‘when I was in front of’Here is tomato‘, revealing the origin of these.

The presenter of Telecinco has explained the reason why Gemio got angry: in the program they revealed the name of one of their children, something that she had never told. “She got very angry when we were on ‘Here is Tomato’ because when one of her children, the one with the problem, was admitted, we made a live connection from the hospital and the reporter said the child’s name, which until then, had not been said and she got very angry. And for sure with all the reason in the world”Said the host of ‘Save me’.

However, Vázquez also wanted to make it clear that the program did not give the information with malicious intent: “At that time, we treated the information with all the love in the world and it never crossed our minds that what we were going to do was hurt a person. And from here, regardless of what she and I have, she has to know that the idea of ​​the program was never to knowingly harm.

‘Save me’ has also issued fragments of a 2016 interview that Gemio gave to Cristina Tárrega in Telemadrid in which again it is appreciated that there was some tension with the Catalan presenter. However, Vázquez has not taken the words of his colleague wrongly: “She makes me laugh, I think it’s like the people you’ve seen so much on TV, I never thought I’d meet them, I was struck by how he works, I liked”.

Jorge Javier Vázquez reveals the origin of the tensions with Isabel Gemio: ‘He got very angry’.

Isabel Gemio speaks on Instagram after the interview: “I don’t think I was wrong”

For her part, Isabel Gemio has published on Instagram a video in which she gives her version of how the interview with María Teresa Campos was and assures that she did not intend to harm the presenter or create controversy. “I do not need the controversy nor do I want it, it makes me suffer, therefore I have even thought about withdrawing the interview and give up all those visualizations, which of course has had more visualizations than the rest of the characters I have interviewed, even though they are very interesting (…). But I have not withdrawn it. I have been convinced by people who love me because to remove it would be to recognize that I was wrong and I don’t think I was wrong”He says in the shared clip.