Jorge Javier Vázquez remembers Broncano in the middle of an interview with Carmen Borrego

What David broncano has entered with force in the star system of television in Spain is something evident, as it was possible to verify this Friday during the broadcast of ‘Deluxe‘.

Jorge Javier Vázquez was interviewing Carmen Borrego when it was time to clarify why the daughter of María Teresa Campos did not accept last year the offer of ‘Save me’ to become ‘The defender of the audience’.

“This is offered to me publicly and I tell my representative that I am interested in hearing this job proposal. Instead of telling my producer “Hey, I’m going to talk to” Save me. “I do it the other way around and that’s where I’m wrong. I did not accept as a coward”Borrego confessed.

After recognizing that he needs to increase his income, which is why he has to pull exclusives from time to time, Jorge Javier asked him the big question, with a wink included. “How much money do you have in the bank, as Broncano would say?”.

That question enchants Broncano. Well, I don’t have much, I’m not going to lie to you. I live very day to day. I have less than 10,000 euros in the bank, enough “to live, eat, pay for my house …Carmen replied.

The tribute to Broncano ended there and we were left, luckily or unfortunately, without the question of sex. Maybe next time.

The sister of Terelu Campos it’s been months highly criticized by her former colleagues from ‘Save me’ and, finally, she met them again and responded directly to everything that has been said about her, starring in several moments of tension with collaborators like Maria Patiño or Alonso Caparrós.

But, in addition, he has also been living moments of tension in ‘Viva la vida’, where he coincides with his niece, Alejandra Rubio, with whom he has had more than one fight live.

In this sense, some Mediaset collaborators have even said that Borrego was “jealous“From his niece and who had him”envy”, Something that she denied.

People who really know me know that I am a very little jealous person and above all very little envious. And jealous of my niece it would seem absurd to have it“Said the gathering, who revealed where his relationship with Rubio is.

I have arranged things with my niece. There have been things, but from that to a family problem (…). It is true that at one point the relationship cooled down, but also because of her age and a change in her life (…). But I would like Alejandra to continue being the way she is ”, explained the daughter of Maria Teresa Campos, making it clear that he has no problem with his niece.