Jorge Javier uncovers Olga Moreno’s trap before entering ‘Survivors’

There are still a couple of weeks left until the 2021 edition of ‘Survivors‘But the reality of Telecinco is already giving a lot of play.

At the moment the names of the participants are coming to us with a dropper. Antonio Canales, Carlos Alba, Sylvia Pantoja, Alexia Rivas, Tom Brusse, Marta López and Olga Moreno are the contestants confirmed so far, some of them with controversy.

It is the case of Olga Moreno. The wife of Antonio David Flores was the protagonist this Friday in ‘Save me’, when Jorge Javier Vázquez revealed a secret that could violate the rules of the contest.

It all started when the reporter Omar Suarez, who was at the door of his house to try to talk with Antonio David about Rocío Carrasco before the documentary “Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive,” is broadcast, She explained that Olga was not at home because she was training at a survival contest prep school.

Then Jorge Javier uncovered the infraction. “Can’t seem to me, huh. According to the deal”Said the presenter, who did not want to delve further into the subject, aware that the matter could be detrimental to the program.

The fact is that the doubts about the legality of training to prepare ‘Survivors’ they did not sit well with the audience, who even asked for the termination of Olga’s contract.

It should be remembered that a few months ago, Antonio David and his wife went through very difficult times. Several people contacted ‘Save me’Claiming that the collaborator had been unfaithful to his partner but he always flatly denied it.

This whole situation greatly affected Olga, who admitted in front of the cameras that he was having a very bad time due to the media pressure to which his family was subjected.

For his part, the former Civil Guard explained that all this was taking its toll on the marriage. To this day, both are still together and the television collaborator maintains that nothing that is said is true.