Jorge Javier turns to Ángel Gabilondo: ‘Either democracy or fascism’

The 4M electoral campaign enters its decisive phase with swords raised. The socialist candidate, Ángel Gabilondo, has asserted this Saturday that what is decided at the polls is “democracy against the extreme right” and he has affirmed that the electoral campaign has taken a “new course” that goes against “fascism”.

We must close the way to the Government of Colon. Mrs. Ayuso with the extreme right feels unpunished and the people of Madrid must be against the extreme right and the Government of Colón for our freedom”, Has insisted on an act that has had the presence of Jorge Javier Vazquez.

The host of ‘Save me’ He wanted to show his support for the socialist candidate before the imminent electoral appointment, in which, according to him, much more is at stake than the presidency of the Community of Madrid.

The socialist candidate has stressed that those who do not explicitly condemn violence, in reference to PP and Vox, must “be defeated at the polls” and that these elections “not only go to Madrid, they go to democracy” because in the face of death threats “they do not equidistance is worth ”.

Against lies, our word. Against xenophobia, our embrace. Against the extreme right, the people of Madrid. Against the Government of Columbus, our freedom”, Gabilondo has defended.

He has reproached the PP and Vox for the attacks on people in the hunger queues, unaccompanied foreign minors, women and homosexuals, which has insisted that it is an “undemocratic allegation”, as well as “giving coverage of death threats ”.

“The campaign as we knew it is over, as so many times in history, a very strong PSOE will be able to make democracy win,” he asserted.