Jorge Javier misses the pasture that Antonio David asked for for telling Rocío Carrasco the mistreatment of his daughter

Every day that passes we know more details of the Rocío Carrasco case. The interview last Wednesday allowed Rocío Jurado’s daughter to explain what happened on July 27, 2012, the day she ended up in the hospital after suffering an attack by her daughter.

That day happens that Rocío attacks me and I end up in a hospital. It is something that is known, that has been publicly known, but I want to say one thing, if you let me. Rocío becomes an executioner because she has been a victim before. He has been a victim and has been even more vulnerable than me, I want that to be clear. And I want to publicly ask the people who attack her in that sense, for what she did at that time in her life, that they do not attack her, that she is not to blame. The fault lies with another person, who is responsible for her acting in this way. His father”, Declared Rocío Carrasco.

Well, this saturday in the ‘Deluxe’ the figure requested by Antonio David Flores has been revealed by mistake for explaining his side of the story at the time.

He asked for a lot of money to come and tell about his daughter’s assault on her mother. It was months after it happened and he asked for € 60,000”Said Jorge Javier Vázquez, who was reprimanded by the director of the program for his indiscretion.

Without re-addressing the economic issue, the presenter continued attacking the former collaborator of ‘Save me’, explaining the version that Carlota Corredera had given him on the subject, director of the program at that time.

Corredera wrote to his partner to tell him that Antonio David did not sit on the set because Rocío Flores was a minor and because the chain did not accept to pay that amount of money “which was totally unattainable”, and also highlighted that the meeting between the program, the former collaborator of Sálvame and his former manager lasted more than three hours.

For his part, Antonio David, with a live message to José Antonio León, He defended himself by assuring that everything was a lie and that the program was misrepresenting what had happenedThat he did not ask for that amount of money directly, an explanation that did not convince Jorge Javier at all.

A normal person is silent, every step he takes is worseExclaimed the presenter.