Jordi Sánchez impresses with his spectacular physical change upon leaving the UCI

Great news. After almost a month in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Jordi Sánchez has left, finally this Wednesday, the hospital. And he has done it with the biggest of his smiles and a message of gratitude both for the toilets who have treated him and for all his ‘fans’.

“Immensely grateful to the Fundación Jiménez Diaz University Hospital. Thank you for your talent, your care, your patience … Thank you for getting me out of this “, has started the Catalan through his account Instagram.

And he wanted to take with humor the more than three weeks that he has spent in the Hospital: “I never thought that sleeping 24 days in a row, with its 24 nights, could be so unpleasant. Thanks to all those messages from friends and colleagues, who are so exciting and helpful when they wake you up. And thanks to all those people who, without knowing me at all, have sent me their love. You are an immense gift, dear followers. A big hug for all, “wrote the actor of‘ La que se avecina ’.

During these days, his colleagues have been in charge of informing about the evolution of his health. The last one, without going any further, was Fernando Tejero placeholder image, with whom he shared a cast precisely in the successful series of Telecinco.