Jordi Cruyff may travel to Europe shortly, but he does not dissociate himself from Shenzhen

The stoppage of the Chinese Super League until mid-June would have caused a misunderstanding related to the future of Jordi Cruyff. The coach of the Shenzhen He has permission to travel to Europe, perhaps to Barcelona depending on the air restrictions due to the Covid, a fact that caused some Chinese media to relate the imminent displacement with his possible incorporation into the structure of FC Barcelona and with a possible termination of the contract. with the Shenzhen. The environment of the son of the mythical Johan cruyff He has clarified to MD that he is not going to leave the Chinese club, that he is not negotiating anything in this regard, and that his trip will only be due to the vacation period that he wants to take advantage of.

The fact that Jose Carlos Granero, former coach of Chinese Chengdu Rongcheng, was recently appointed by Shenzhen as the first assistant of Jordi Cruyff He had already fed that rumor of his contract termination, as the press interpreted that he was landing to supply him when he left shortly. However, according to those close to Jordi, nothing has changed.

Yes it is true that a Joan Laporta would like to have the knowledge and experience of Jordi Cruyff in the structure of FC Barcelona, ​​it is not clear in what position. He could even be on the bench if the circumstances arose. In fact, his name came up often in the electoral campaign and now the president himself has spoken of a “renewal process” that opens many doors. However, the times of each have to coincide and Jordi Cruyff he is training Chinese Shenzhen with no intention of terminating the contract.