Johnson says he feels ‘good’ to start isolation and will work for Zoom

The British Prime Minister, Boris johnson, claims to feel “fine” and have no symptoms when starting a isolation period at your official residence after being in c
contact with a person who tested positive for coronavirus.

The head of the British executive, who last April was in intensive care after contracting covid-19, said in a video that the British Health Department contacted him after the virus tracking system through mobile phones registered the contact.

Johnson took the opportunity to ask the population to Comply with isolation if required by Health in order to control coronavirus, even if a person has already had the disease and has antibodies.

“We have to stop the spread of the disease and one of the ways to do it now is with the isolation for 14 days when contacted by the tracking system, ”says Johnson.

“Okay, he’s absolutely full of energy,” Minister Hancock told Sky News. “I have no doubt that will be directing everything this week by Zoom”He added.

Recall that the Prime Minister is isolated in his private apartment in the official Downing Street residence. According to the media, Johnson had been about 35 minutes with Conservative MP Lee Anderson, which has tested positive for covid.

The United Kingdom registered this Sunday other 168 deaths from covid-19, while the number of new infections amounted to 24,962, according to official figures.

With these data, the total number of deaths from coronavirus reaches 51,934 since the beginning of the pandemic, while the total number of cases already stands at 1,369,318.

England meets a lockdown, with non-essential stores closed, which will remain until next December 2, when the Government will review the health situation before deciding whether to lift it or extend the restrictions.

The Government recently reported that the country will be ready to start a vaccination program massive against covid-19 this December 1st if the vaccine developed by Pfizer-BioNTech or some other get the go-ahead from regulators.