Joaquín: ‘We are in line so that Betis can return to the Europa League’

The captain of the Real Betis, Joaquin Sanchez, believes that the Verdiblanco team is on the right track to have a good season. “We are on the line so that the Betis can go back to the Europa League. We have started quite well, we are in line to continue working, we have played against strong teams. We have seen an important Betis to be up there ”, said the portuense in the Marca Sports Weekend.

Joaquín, who with Nino is the oldest LaLiga player who is still active, receives signs of affection from the fans wherever he goes: “Leaving many fields like this is something very nice, feeling loved throughout Spain. It is a privilege, an honor and a satisfaction to be at the foot of the canyon for so many years, feeling what you do and being able to continue fighting to achieve important things with Real Betis Balompié, my biggest dream is to make Betis happy ”.

Joaquín was happy for the first goal scorer of his teammate Sergio Canales with the national team: “I saw the national team well in the first game, I was very happy because Sergio Canales scored a goal. Like any Spaniard, I trust this selection. It is complicated what the Spanish team achieved in recent years. Little by little new wisdom is entering and Luis Enrique is giving the award to many players, we will once again have a great team, “he said.

The Betic captain regrets that there are no fans in the stadiums because of the pandemic. “This situation is very sad. No atmosphere, no public enjoying … Right off the bat not seeing the fans, the displacements. It is a very difficult situation to live, even in the game. There are times when you look up and don’t see anyone. Hopefully soon we can return to live with the fans in the stadiums, ”says Joaquín.