Joaquín: ‘The team arrives with good legs’

The player of the Real
Valladolid, Joaquin
Fernandez, has affirmed this Wednesday, in a telematic press conference, that the squad “arrives with good legs” to the final stretch of the league and that everyone is “ready” to “achieve the goal of permanence together.”

The central defender of the Blanquivioleta team has warned that “there are eleven games left and the goal is to add in all of them” and, although the road “has not been easy” this season, he is convinced that “the squad is in an optimal state of form. “and no one” is going to settle for a draw, but instead we have to go for three points. “

Starting this Saturday against Sevilla, a “complicated rival” but that “whenever he has come to Zorrilla he has had a bad time”, and since the team “is on the rising line”, he knows that “he is going to stand up and that he plays win, which would mean hitting the table. “

He admitted that “one of the problems that has occurred in not achieving solidity has been the center of the rear, due to casualties”, which seems to have been resolved in recent meetings, while other issues have been corrected “such as advance the lines further to recover the ball in the opposite area, have faster transitions and favor the creation of spaces “.

“The team is growing at a time when it was necessary to do so to achieve salvation”, and his progression also includes his, individually, with the support, in that center of defense, of El Yamiq, with whom he empathizes “well” and whom he has defined as “a great central defender”, who makes him feel “comfortable” on the field.

To death in defense of Bruno González

According to Joaquín, “defense is everyone’s task and, when we act together, running like animals and being at the foot of the canyon, results are obtained.” In this regard, he has admitted that “this year, it has cost more” to acquire that good dynamic, but they have always gone “to give everything.”

Questioned by the criticism that Bruno González has received, who has ceded his starting position to El Yamiq, he commented that the players are “exposed to such criticism”, but Bruno “is a great professional and a great teammate, and the group is to death with him and trust him. “

In his opinion, the meeting held by the team several days ago, after the clash against Alavés, was “key” because everyone looked “in the face” and conspired to change the chip: “We said that, if we continued like this , we were going to the well, and we all want to stay in First to enjoy this wonderful league, “he explained.

Joaquín has assured that “they do not” think about “the remaining rivals”, or those who “may be in the lower part of the table”, but that what they want is “to gain distance with respect to that lower part, to which must be added, and better if it is three by three “.