Joaquín Sabina is accused of being a fascist for joking about the guillotine and the independentistas

Joaquín Sabina has been a trend in Twitter this Wednesday after an anonymous user recovered a video of a conversation he had with Arturo Pérez-Reverte in 2016 on the independence of Catalonia.

In the talk, the writer begins joking with a few unsuccessful words that have given much to speak: “As I am Jacobin, it is a subject that would have solved in the eighteenth century.” While saying this phrase with his hands he makes the guillotine gesture and continues: “Now there is no solution, now it is something else”. To which the singer-songwriter mockingly replies: “I adhere to my partner’s proposal.”

“In other words, the problem is that there are things that can no longer be solved with methods … In other words, there were times when you could knife an entire population in the 11th century, but you couldn’t do it in the 11th century XXI ”, he adds Pérez-Reverte before finishing saying: “Jokes aside, let’s say that Spain in the 18th century lost the chance (…) Everything got screwed up there”.

And so Sabina he gets wet and sentences: “I also carry drops of Jacobin blood in my veins, but I will also resort to the historical tradition of the left, to internationalism. That mixed with the globalization of now, is that going back to village identity makes no sense, no respect for that


Reviews on social networks

Since the Úbeda singer has always declared himself to be on the left, social media users have been very surprised to see how he supported the novelist’s frivolous comments and has branded him a fascist.

“The Pérez Reverte thing was foreseeable, the Sabina thing … the coup was the same, although I bet because of age, everything is hard for time,” said one tweeter and “he has never been on the left,” added another.