Joaquín reaches Esnaola’s record at Betis

Sanchez this Sunday in Valladolid equaled Jose Ramon Esnaola as the soccer player with the most official matches played in the history of the Real Betis Balompié, by playing the one that makes 460 in all competitions and 400 in the League (362 in First and 38 in Second division). However, Esnaola is still the player who has played the most minutes with the Verdiblanca elastic, a total of 41,512, followed by Rafael Gordillo (35,145) and Julio Cardeñosa (34,882). Joaquín, with the twenty he played on Sunday, adds 33,248 minutes with the Verdiblanca elastic.

And it is that of the 460 games played by Joaquín at Real Betis, only 218 (47%) played them complete – this season he has one, against Eibar-, while José Ramón Esnaola played 456 complete games of the 460 he played, 99% of the total. Rafael Gordillo played complete 351 of his 411 games at Betis (85%) and Julio Cardeñosa 296 of 413 (72%), so they all accumulate more minutes played than Joaquín, despite having played fewer games.

In the historical ranking of complete matches (without being substituted), Joaquín occupies the 24th position in Real Betis, which is led by Esnaola with 456. They are followed by Gordillo (351), Biosca (307), Toni Prats (305), Javier López ( 301), Bizcocho (300), Cardeñosa (296), Merino (290), Benítez (281), Juanito (272), Rogelio (265), Eusebio Ríos (263), Saro (257), Álex (254), León Lasa (253), Parra (246), Ortega (243), Cobo (241), Ureña (233), José González (227), Diego Rodríguez (223) and Rubén Castro (223), who is ranked 22nd ahead de Peral and Joaquín, both with 218.