Joao, substituted 1-0 against with a touched ankle

75th minute of play. He Atlético de Madrid fell 1-0 to him Cornellà in the second round of the Copa del Rey. AND Diego Simeone withdrew from the field of play Joao Felix, which had been a starter.

The Portuguese had not been brilliant. More like gray. And he had received more than one foul that was taking a toll on his physical condition. The last, a double in the center of the field. Two impacts, one on his calf and one on his right ankle, which left him limping on the grass. Especially the second.

He Cholo He did not hesitate and despite the fact that the scoreboard was against, he decided to replace the Portuguese. The youth squad Mario Soriano entered his place.

Later, the Argentine explained the reason for his decision: “His ankle was injured, limping and we looked for a fresher boy for a game that we had one less and attack with someone who was in good condition,” he said in Four.