Joao Félix: ‘I’m enjoying it, that’s how I’m happy’

Joao Felix was the great protagonist of Atlético de Madrid
, with permission from Luis Suarez, in the thrashing mattress at Pomegranate. The luso caused a penalty, gave an assist and scored a great goal. All eyes are on him this season and he’s got off to a great start.

“We are happy with the result, we had a great game, very happy for the six goals,” said the player into the microphones of Movistar.

The Portuguese denied that anything has changed in this campaign, things are just working out. “I’m working like last year, doing things the way I have to, and enjoying it because that’s how I’m happy. I’m the same, only things are going well. We must continue like this, ”he said.

Regarding the arrival of Luis Suárez, he said that it is great news. “The better players we have, the better for us. We all work better and improve. With the coming of Luis Suarez it’s very good for the club, for the team. We are going to be happy, ”he said.

How far can the Athletic? Candidates for everything? The player clings to the mattress creed. “We go game by game, we don’t think very forward. Now we think about him Huesca, then I raised… “, He said.