“Joao Félix has the talent and intelligence to win the Ballon d’Or”

Felixsoccer player Atlético de Madrid
, he has never hidden that one of his dreams since he started in football is to achieve the Golden Ball, the award that accredits a professional as the best in the world for a specific year. The Portuguese has always followed the example of his compatriot Christian
Ronaldo, which has five at the moment.

The Atlético player still has a long way to go before he can achieve that dream, but those who have followed his career closely believe that he has the potential to win this award. If there is someone who knows you well it is Nuno
Gomes, former striker of Benfica and part of the organization chart of the Lisbon club where ‘O Menino de Ouro’Took his most successful steps.

The former international recently participated in a conversation with ‘Esporte 360’, created by Prime Books and Sapienta Sports and directed by the writer. Tiago Guadalupe, where among other things he spoke of the footballer of the Atlético de Madrid.

“After starting very well in the Atlético de Madrid, had the misfortune of an injury that delayed him in the process. And then this stop and all this uncertainty. João Félix He has a lot of talent, intelligence to play and the advantage of being a young man and a lot of time to reach that goal (Golden Ball) You are a person who knows that you have to work hard to get there. He knows that he has to keep working and it is not because he starred in a millionaire signing, it is that he will stop doing it, ”said the former player of Benfica.

Nuno Gomes explained that “without work, nothing is achieved by more talent than a young player has.” In this sense, he highlighted the work ethic of the mattress striker, who recently explained that since he was little he had sacrificed many things to be in this situation. “If there is talent, things will happen naturally. You must be committed, never give up, even if you find a stone on the way, be persistent, work on talent, because you can always improve. I am saying this to reach the level of Nuno Gomes, to reach the level of Cristiano Ronaldo or João Félix you must work double or triple, “he said.


Gomes He also took the opportunity to explain the positive aspects of the transfer of João Félix to the team trained by Diego Simeone, although he clarified that the style of Atlético de Madrid
He is not particularly excited for the player because he would look better in other conditions. All in all, Gomes understands that this experience at the orders of the Cholo It will make you a more complete footballer.

Many argue that the Atlético de Madrid not the ideal team for the qualities of João
Felix, on which I even agree. On the one hand, because I saw him play in teams where he had more contact with the ball, in which the coach privileged the attack, “he explained to add:” But on the other hand, Simeone will add things that were less explored in João Félix, like suffering and the moments when he doesn’t have the ball, because when he does have it, it’s decisive, in the way he defends. It will be beneficial for him to complete the range of his qualities ”, he stated Nuno Gomes.