Joao Félix exceeds in his adaptation to Agüero, Torres and Costa

Joao Felix has been one of the players of the Atlético de Madrid the one that has been most focused on this season. It is a commitment to the future of the club and for that reason, at 19 years old, they had no problem disbursing 126 million euros for their services. Due to his age and the fact that he has had a first season of adaptation, he has not had the performance of a crack as more than one demanded. However, it has had higher numbers than other mattress stars that after its adaptation exploded defending the shield of the bear and the strawberry tree.

In this first season Joao Felix he has sealed some discreet numbers for a crack but good for a player of his age. Let’s not forget that the injuries and the competition above have caused him not to add more minutes. Of course, it should be noted that he has had brilliant minutes on the pitch but very intermittently. He has played 36 games (27 in the League, 1 in the Copa del Rey, 6 in the Champions League and two in the Spanish Super Cup). In total 2481 minutes. In which he has scored nine goals and has distributed three assists.

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The most similar case to Joao Felix was the ‘Kun Aguero. He Atlético de Madrid paid 23 million euros in 2006. The highest figure at that time for a player who was a minor at the time. He was only 17 years old. The truth is that his first year was similar to the one he lived Joao. He had some flashes and lacked continuity in a team much worse than the current one of the Athletic. In the end, he played 42 games (38 in the League and four in the Copa del Rey) spread over 2762 minutes in which he scored seven goals and gave an assist.

He currently shares a squad with another footballer who came to the Atlético de Madrid. Diego Costa signed by him Atlético de Madrid with 18 years after emerging in the Penafiel From Portugal. a bet for the future of the club that before having its chance had a carousel of transfers in Celta, Albacete and Valladolid until in 2010 it remained in the first mattress squad. That year in the shadow of Kun and Forlan plays 39 games (28 in the League, five in Copa del Rey and six in Europe) spread over 2053 minutes. He scored eight goals and gave three assists.

Different was the situation of Fernando Torres that after debuting in 2001, he started 2001-02 as a new first team player. That campaign of settlement in the first team but that if in Second division it was key to its growth. He played 37 games (36 in the League and one in the King’s Cup) spread over 2374 minutes in which he scored seven goals and did not give any assistance.

A different case

On the subject of adaptation, the one who passes everyone on the right is Antoine Griezmann. Although his case was special because the player neither had to adapt to professional football, nor to Spanish football and reached the Atlético de Madrid with 23 years after having four in First and one in Second with the Real society. That if he had to adapt to the demands of Simeone and a new position as a forward. Despite this, in his first rojiblanco campaign, the ‘Little Prince’ scored 25 goals in 53 games and distributed four assists.

So watching the adaptation of the latest players who have exploded in the Atlético de Madrid. It is clear that the evolution of Joao Felix is on a good path…