Joao: ‘Atlético is a way of understanding life’

Joao Felix does not live his best moment in the
Atlético de Madrid
. The Portuguese has lost the band of indispensable for Diego
Simeone, at least in the team’s starting lineups. He has only started one of the last four games.

It will be necessary to see what happens in the return of Champions before him Chelsea, if he Cholo It puts him in the starting eleven or not. Of course it is an option since next weekend it will be low against the Alaves, by accumulation of reprimands.

The fact is that, in just a year and a half, with all the things that have happened to him, he has already realized that the Athletic It is not just any club. “It is a way of life, here it is said that the Athletic It is not only a football team, it is a way of understanding life ”, explained the Portuguese player in his participation in a meeting with the defender Joe
Gomez, of Liverpool, for the social networks of Instagram.

In this meeting, taking advantage of the fact that the rojiblanco is a fan of video games and that PlayStation She is a sponsor, she played some games and commented on some things. Not only did he choose his ‘Top-5’, but they put pictures of the match Anfield before him Liverpool. “‘What good memories of that night!” He exclaimed. “Not so many of mine,” he lamented Joe

The Portuguese recalled that his idol as a child “was Kaka”. “He was the player I used to watch and the one I liked the most,” explained the player of the Atlético de Madrid, who remembers that his mother always said that in his case, “before walking he was already kicking a ball.”

Finally, while playing before Gomez a match of FIFA21, scored a great goal with Carrasco, with the left. And the host of the program asked him: “Is Carrasco good enough to score such a goal with the left?” And the Portuguese answered jokingly. “Meh, not so good”, between the laughter of his two companions.