Joan Mir: ‘The first step is to get back on the podium’

Joan Mir has signed his first podium of the year, balsamic for him because the world champion had to leave last year due to a technical problem. He assures that from Qatar to Le Mans he will have to suffer because they are not the circuits that are best for his driving, but he has already broken the ice on the podiums and in the previous two he was there. He is fifth in the championship, 23 points behind the new leader Fabio Quartararo and a vocation to regain that regularity on the podium that gave him the title in 2020. But first he must solve those doubts on the front end that have reappeared today on his Suzuki.


“In the middle of the race I had problems with the front end of the bike, but we managed to survive and endure until the end, it is true that I would have liked to be able to overtake ‘Pecco’, but he did very well, he braked hard, has closed the gaps and the summary is that it has been a solid weekend and we have achieved the first podium of the season, the first step is to get back on the podium “


“In the first race in Qatar, we missed the podium and in the second we had problems with touches and stories, but here we have been able to have a solid weekend since it is not easy to start from behind, but we have had a good race and we have been able to manage it well, although the bike was not at one hundred percent “


“Here if we repeated the race we could find something else, there is room for improvement and it’s a matter of getting everything ready. The temperature has changed and some have fared better and others who were expected more have fared worse. This is what there is, you have to manage well, the first laps I was going to see what happened and then I had this problem. We need to put everything in its place and move forward. We have to improve a lot, but we are not far off and it makes me feel relieved “


“Of course, these positions can be worth titles in November, there are days when everything comes expensive and you win by trying half of what I have done today and others, twisted, the temperature turns and you come out badly, so with what had gone very good, I would not ask for more than this third position. I could have fought with Pecco who seems to be going down and I could have fallen “


“I have had some aggressive overtaking in these last three races, yes, but the point is that the overall package needs to be improved. I have always been aggressive in overtaking, but I am fine and I like to overtake in a good way, but sometimes they do not come face to face and there is some touch, but I always try to respect the limits and you will not see me take many people ahead, sometimes I can pass, but there are many who happen more, I try to keep things under control within the aggressiveness that you have to have in the first laps “


“I expected this result from Marc, it seems that he is close to 100% and capable of making a strong comeback, it is his first test with the Honda and it is not the same one that he left and everything makes it more difficult. Although it is not 100% they did a great job “