Joan Mir: ‘Marc will be an extra difficulty for the championship’

The MotoGP World Championship was the first big bet of the DAZN television platform that this Wednesday celebrated its second anniversary with the presentation of its 2021 F1 and MotoGP programming in a telematic event. In the segment dedicated to the two wheels, the MotoGP world champion, Joan Mir, spoke live, and in a message recorded from the Barcelona-Catalunya circuit, Marc Márquez, two of the pilots called to be the protagonists of the World Championship.

Although on the 12th the MotoGP preseason tests concluded at the Losail circuit and after signing up for the massive vaccination of the paddock in Qatar all the riders and teams stampeded back to Europe, Suzuki decided in full to stay in Doha where 28 of March and April 4 will take place the first two rounds of the championship and from there the champion Joan Mir has intervened: “I’m in Doha, it’s not the most fun, but enduring and training and prepared for an exciting season.”

The Mallorcan explained that “last year we showed that our most important weapon is perseverance, we have a fairly balanced bike that works fairly well on all tracks, perhaps not the fastest and if the rider is focused, you can be fighting to win on all races and it is the goal and now with more experience it translates into more speed and that will make us a little more competitive, if it can be ”.

He recognizes that he is being known more and more in the paddock and it shows in that the gallons: “Maybe a little more, I recently arrived at the World Championship and they didn’t know me in the paddock and now it’s the opposite.” And, technical things, the connection has been interrupted just when I had to answer the question about the return of Marc Márquez. Having recovered the connection and asked about his options for the title, he commented that “I see it difficult, as always, last year I saw it impossible and look, but we have possibilities, the bike works, the rider is good too (laughs) and in all races will be the key to do what was last year, but with more speed. Then there is the plus that Marc returns and he will be a very, very difficult opponent to beat and an extra difficulty for the championship ”.

On the improvements of the Suzuki-Mir pack for 2021 He explains that the Japanese brought him to the test “’ little things ”and Suzuki usually brings few, but they work and I feel comfortable. There is not a big difference from last year to this, what can do it is the engine and we cannot touch it, they have tried electronically, chassis things and improve our sensations. I feel comfortable, even in Qatar we lack top speed to defend ourselves in the race and I would have needed one more test day, we are not far away, I feel comfortable and we can have a good race ”-

For his part, the six-time MotoGP champion Marc Márquez, who has been focused on physical recovery tasks, has left a recorded message on Tuesday from the Barcelona-Catalunya circuit: “I am focused on recovery 24 hours a day trying to return as soon as possible. I’m looking forward to the show starting and contributing to good racing and the fans can enjoy it through DAZN ”. And they have presented a preview of the report ‘Fearless’ (without fear) with Marc Márquez where he exclaims: “we pilots have a virtue that sometimes in a defect, we do not see fear”. Rivera “It will be a sensational season when the year ends, we want to ded He will return acas and in January last year incredible lotreria and this year over that bvielve marc marquez I do not know if the first GP qatarms second period is this season and will give, as tension cto, we are seeing change of guard but Rossi holds and the young factories that were not for fight they are we have everything “

“MM what has roasted him will leave a mark on any other human being than him, and he said when he flies I will be the same, if he returns it will not be speculative without fighting to the end he will do it again

Izaskun Ruiz “being a year old paradoxically 2020 brought us closer together and brought the stories of the pilots closer, this year we are going to enjoy those equality taken to another point in the tests based on what or last year with Mir there are 10 that are not they hide my objective is to be world champion and it will become the ist and this sport the source of histroas is inexhaustible and we continue to have direct access to them “

“With what makes the difference is his mental strength and his head is already in mode. I return to being a MotoGP rider. There is a very superman part that he will need an adaptation period that will be short but mentally he is prepared to return and when he does he will return to being the same Marc does not know how to do it differently

Carlos Checa “It has been an experience when you are a pilot, it is to return to sentor the emotions, take the notes and it has been very good staff, when you play you have a very narrow focus and how you commence everything else and you enrich yourself and transfer those emotions to the person you are seeing. racing and that’s the goal

Alex Criville “will be tenmñporada mi7y equalized even the last one can win a race makes one think that it will be better than the last one that would be amazing and would undo the return of Mrac plowed many months and with the energy of going back forward although he has to take it easy at the beginning and not know that pidloto will be there “