JIM: ‘The match against Logroñés is crucial for both teams’

The Real Zaragoza coach, Juan Ignacio Martínez “JIM”, has indicated that the game that this Saturday will face his team against Logroñés, in Las Gaunas, is “crucial” for both teams.

The ‘blanquillo’ coach, in a telematic press conference, explained that the Rioja team is immersed in a negative dynamic and with a point of lack of confidence due to the results it is having.

“These are moments that all teams go through. It is a team that deserves the utmost confidence in me. They won six consecutive games without conceding a goal and that, in this category, is very difficult. I just hope they break their losing streak. next week, “he stressed.

JIM considers that Logroñés is going to play “to the limit” against Real Zaragoza and is going to make things “very difficult” for his team, because he has players who “unbalance and cause a lot of stress in the rival on the wings due to their characteristics”.

Regarding the bad streak that the Aragonese team accumulates away from home, since it is the team in the category that has scored the fewest points away from their stadium, he has indicated that they are not having the regularity they need to not always be on the edge in La Romareda .

“We want to break that streak. Let’s see if we can! In training this week I felt that the squad is convinced with an attitude typical of a team that is aware of what is being played,” he pointed out.

He has also revealed that the squad is aware that “they cannot lose their point of need at any time”.

“The moment we lose one minute of competing in the match it will be very difficult, because Logroñés is at stake for survival,” he warned.

For this reason, he hopes that the conviction and predisposition he has seen in his players will be reflected in Las Gaunas “from minute one of the game.”

Asked if he will bet on trying to have the ball, or the opposite, as in the previous day’s match against Mirandés in which the Burgos took possession, the Alicante coach has commented that the objective is to always get “the maximum performance “to the tactic.

“From Mirandés we tried to snatch the points in another way that was not possession. The game with Logroñés I think will be more competitive. They will try to have the ball and we will try to take it away and if the game goes through other channels what we have to do to get the ball. higher performance possible, which is what it is all about, “he analyzed. EFE