Jesús Navas and Sevilla, condemned to understand each other for their renewal

The Seville Y Jesus Navas these days they are locked in a negotiation condemned to end in good port. Respect is mutual between the parties and although some differences have appeared, everything indicates that the international palace is going to end up renewing with the club of his life.

The former world champion ends contract with him Seville June 30, but, at 35 years old (he will turn 36 in November), he is able to continue being useful to the team. In fact, he is the starting right-back for Lopetegui and it is also expected that he will be present on the list for the European Championship that Luis Enrique must make public next Monday.

Regardless of the fact that Monchi is looking for a right back in the market, the Sevilla captain is still present in the future plans at least for next season. It is true that the injuries made him miss several games and it was a doubt in many of them, but always the disposition and the desire of the player could with the discomfort and usually he always took the step forward.

There are some differences regarding the duration of the contract and certain clauses that their agents are seeing with the club, but the player’s watchword for them is clear: renew everything.

Jesús Navas is more than just history in Sevilla, he is the player with the most official matches (on the way to 600) and he even gives name to the stadium where the subsidiary plays their games, the jewel in the crown of the sports city and where most of the club’s offices are located.