Jesús Calleja, the last to attack Miguel Bosé

The Jordi Évole’s interview with Miguel Bosé It caused a major media uproar in Spain and accumulated thousands of reactions on social networks. The international artist had no qualms about reaffirm your denial positions, and is that since last spring he has been advocating these theories.

After the controversial interview in ‘Lo de Évole’, many relevant figures of the country they have charged the artist for his denial statements. “I am a denier and I hold my head high,” he said in that one.

One of the last to attack Miguel Bosé has been the adventurer Jesus Calleja. The presenter of ‘Planeta Calleja’ took to social networks publishing a post as an “informative note” to show the reality of the coronavirus pandemic with data.

“As an informative note, Miguel Bosé I quote you the COVID-19 data from yesterday, April 18, 2021 of the two countries that have inoculated the highest percentage of vaccines: United Kingdom: 1,800 infections 10 deaths (49% have already received at least a dose of 65,000 .000 inhabitants)

Israel: 113 cases 3 died (53% vaccinated with two doses of 8,500,000 inhabitants, there is no mask) ”, wrote Calleja.

The presenter sentenced with a sentence in capital letters: “I do get vaccinated!”. A post that did not take long to add thousands of ‘likes’ (accumulates more than 38,000) and hundreds of reactions in the form of a message.