Jessica Bueno recounts her very difficult delivery: ‘It was the most difficult’

Last Monday, July 12, Jessica Good gave birth to her third child. The second with her current husband, the footballer Jota Peleteiro. However, and despite already knowing what childbirth entails, the model acknowledges that “It has been the most difficult”.

“The previous two were vaginal deliveries without any complications: with the first only three points and with the second one point. The stitches don’t hurt. Once you are home, you only have to heal once a day and they are well protected. You only have a day or two worse, but then the recovery is very good. You have to walk, the more active you are, the sooner you recover ”, explained Paquirrín’s ex.

To this is added, in addition, that after a cesarean section you cannot do the traditional “Skin to skin” with your baby: “You cannot do it at the moment because, when the baby is born, you still have to be about half an hour more for them to sew you and so on. They held him close to my face and I could feel him and kiss him. Before going into the operating room, they gave me the choice between having him there by my side in a crib or making him skin-to-skin with his dad, and I decided that that was the best option, ”Jessica continued.

However, despite everything, the Andalusian has been most happy and excited to see all her children reunited: “I really want to see you interact together. It must be beautiful to see how your son, who until recently was a baby, acts with maturity and affection taking care of his little brother. Now every now and then they ask me to hold him a little in my arms, “he said.