Jennifer López to life: more beautiful than ever at 51

Away from the makeup, the touch-ups with ‘photoshop’ and the media spots on the red carpet, Jennifer Lopez She looks more beautiful and spectacular than ever in her last image posted on her Instagram, completely natural.

Her retinue of followers has not hesitated to surrender to the beauty of this 51-year-old woman who triumphs as a successful actress, singer and businesswoman but who also now does so as a model to follow for her naturalness.

Jennifer Lopez turned 51 last week. And she does it in one of her best artistic moments after being nominated for an Emmy with Shakira for her Super Bowl show.

It has also shown that age does not influence its image or appearance, as can be seen in this natural photograph.

Good morning everyone #MorningFaceWas the message with which he caught the attention of his 127,000,000 followers on his Instagram account.

The artist appeared without a drop of makeup, wrapped in a bathrobe and her hair slightly disheveled. The image has earned hundreds of accolades and has amazed her fans, who are still in love with the Latin beauty who is the popular singer.

“That face”, “Good morning Jennifer, your morning face is simply beautiful “,” Every day you show the incredible person that you are, fully enlightened “,” Natural beauty! Simply beautiful ”,“ Super natural and super beautiful ”and“ Very cute ”, were some of the compliments that she got.