Javier Negre, and his ‘duel’ with a 15-year-old girl from Podemos: “Vomitivo”

A few days ago Javier Negre was in the news for a video in which he appeared harassing a mantero on the seafront from a Galician coastal town, well the youtuber has returned to the fray.

Again he picked up his cell phone and started looking for someone to argue with. And there there were three young people, one of whom declared himself a supporter of Podemos.

The dialectical duel was not wasted. The young woman was dismantling one by one all the topics and hoaxes that Negre was exposing, since it is very serious that Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero live in a chalet until the feminist beach bars, through the false reports of mistreatment presented by women.

At 15 years old and already involved in Podemos? You will end up in the PP, rememberNegre finished saying before continuing on his way in search of a new victim.

The custom is to ‘assault’ people on the street to expose their ideology is irritating more than one on twitter, who considers that trying to manipulate staff like this is not entirely right if you want to pose as a journalist.